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What Is The Difference Between A Waist Trainer And Corset?

What Is The Difference Between A Waist Trainer And Corset?


Generally speaking, waist trainers and corsets are used for the same purpose of correcting the body shape and achieving fitness goals but there are significant differences between the two. We will help you understand the differences between waist trainers and corsets to work toward your waist training goals.


Waist trainer is a shaping garment used to target the abdomen specifically. It usually shave an inch or two from your waistline while you are wearing it and is designed to provide a slimming effect underneath your clothes. Corsets, on the other hand, can be worn over or under your clothes, and are designed to create that hourglass figure, instantly taking inches off your waist.




Waist trainers are usually made from a combination of nylon and latex or Spandex with plastic or steel boning (flexible steel rods). If you carry weight in your tummy, they can help to give you more of a waistline. Meanwhile, corsets are made of a strong and flexible fabric like cotton, satin, leather or mesh that is reinforced with steel boning to give it great strength for pulling in your waist and accentuating the curve of your hips and bust line. 




Waist trainers are tightened and fastened by hooks. They help in reduction of fat around your waist. The variation in which it can be tightened depends on the number of rows of hooks the waist trainer has. Whereas, corsets can be tightened by lacing. The laces help reshape the body and can be adjusted as per your body type.



Waist trainers come in different styles that offer variety of coverage. You may choose from simple waist trainers to bodysuits and body briefs. Meanwhile, corsets can be used for both underbust or overbust. They also come in various types with sharp and mild curves, you can choose your preferred style as per your body type.


Ease of Use


Both waist trainers and corsets just take practice to use. But waist trainers may be the more practical option than corsets. Corsets are time-consuming to put on while waist trainers tend to be more user-friendly (although they can be tricky too!).




While there are high-end and low-end choices for both waist trainers and corsets, in general waist trainers are less expensive. Waist trainers are typically 30-50% more affordable than most steel-boned corsets.




Both waist trainers and corsets are used to define the body to your desired shape. However, waist trainers make you look slimmer, and may be worn under clothes. In contrary, corsets are bulky; they might or might not hide under your clothes. Waist trainers can be easily worn while sleeping and exercising, as opposed to corsets, which should be avoided while exercising and sleeping.


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