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Garment Care

It is important to give your waist trainer a special care so they will last as long as possible. Follow these tips so that they will not lose their shape and effectiveness.

1. Wash Regularly
Wash it regularly in order to maintain hygiene and so that the materials contract and maintain their highest functionality. You can wear a garment a couple of times in between wash cycles, just be sure to follow the care instructions for your garment.

2. Gentle Hand Washing
Use mild soap and warm water. Be very careful not to scrub it too harshly as it can damage the waist trainer's structure and appearance.

3. Let It Dry Completely
After proper cleanup, leave it to dry completely to prevent growing bacteria due moisture. Also, try not to dry it directly under under the sunlight as it can lose its color. Instead, dry in a shady spot.

4. Do Not Iron
This is an important point especially if you are using 100% latex waist trainer, it will completely melt in hot iron.

5. Storage
To maintain its shape, lay shapewear flat in a drawer or closet. Do not roll it up! You can also hang it using clothes pins or hangers.

Do these and make your shapewear last!