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Growing up as women in this era has socially conditioned us to weigh our worth with how much we weigh.

I refuse to believe any woman who says My looks have never made me question my sense of self.

Wouldn't you find it absolutely nutty yourself?

Whatever happened to the world, which not long ago valued the spoon curves and thunder thighs? We suddenly have our own culturally constructed definitions of what is ideal and what isn't. 

In our spectacle, thin is beautiful.

Clearly, some of us could use a new pair of glasses.

The truth is, some things never stop looking beautiful. And curves...are one of them.

In this blog, I'll be spilling the tea on 4 different celebrities and their curves— as a testament to the above statement.




Not long ago, Beyonce let the BeeHive into how she really felt about her body. While in her 20s, she saw herself as a woman intending on pleasing those around her. Even after her first pregnancy, she had pressurized herself to beat her body up until it presented itself according to society's standards.

It was later — after her second pregnancy — that she decided to give herself self-care and self-love by accepting her new self. Not surprisingly enough, she was slapped with a 'curvy = fat' label by Dear Society…

In response to which she said:

To this day, my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller. I have a little mommy pouch, and I'm in no rush to get rid of it. I think it's real.

You know what else is real? She loves to indulge in a pound of strawberry cheesecake and a tub of chocolate fudge ice cream, just like YOU. (Read more here)

She now feels more beautiful. More confident. More powerful.

Normalcy — she calls it.

What is YOUR normal? (Yeah, I'm talking to you, love)




The queen of curves has borne her fair share of body-shaming accusations. But it seems as though every celebrity has a different stance on how they feel about their physique post-pregnancy.

(Just curious: Is it like one of those mom-things? Or does the arrival of a new-born change their priorities completely?)

Ever since, she has laid the foundation to a shapewear empire. But if you've been browsing through curvesculpting, I'm going to take a guess and say you're concerned about your curves. Let me help you the Kim-K Way.

What should my plate look like?

Breakfast: Oatmeal pancakes

Lunch: Chicken/fish, sweet potatoes, and veggies

Dinner: Fish/chicken and veggies

How much junk can I consume?

Junk food is processed crap. Please stay away from it unless it's one of those Mondays…

P.S. Banana bread is junk too. I'm sorry if that's a bummer for you, BUT if you wanna slay like Kim-K... 🤷‍♀️



Did you know that this signature J Lo sculpted physique is 50 (Fifty(!)) years old?But boy oh boy. She makes fifty look like thirty! What else is one supposed to do if not totally envy it?

Umm, well, one can try to structure one's own session around all her go-to-workouts which — I have to admit  appear to be but Satan's undoing.

If you were ever to be blessed with the opportunity to dine out with Jennifer Lopez, I'd suggest you have your dinner before the meeting. How embarrassing would it be if you ordered some cheesy Alfredo while she ordered salad and fish?! (Yep, that's all she orders at restaurants! Oh and, NO booze!)

One takeaway from Lopez's diet routine — which you might wanna take note of if you eat clean yet fail to lose that pouch — is the notion that blindly munching on whatever Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid (or J Lo, of course) eat is not always going to be your best bet in hopes of maintaining better health. You've got to listen to the specific needs of your body — yeah, yeah...I know you read this everywhere and hear it from just about everyone. But you hardly ever register it, right? Only a diet that is healthy AND enjoyable is one that will be sustainable for you and your curves.



I was wondering how these celebrities start their day…

Do they wear makeup before they make their way to the gym for waist training or do they just wake up looking flawless?

Do they procrastinate and give themselves a break by eating scrambled eggs and chips for breakfast instead of oatmeal and smoothies?

Do they ever 'never' workout?

How often do they shop because they hardly ever wear the same clothes twice...

And so I did a bit of research. Here's what I found about Kylie Jenner in particular (and tea-be-honest, I was impressed)

> Her morning skincare routine begins with washing her face with plain water (like most of us!)

> Kylie Jenner is not a fitness freak — unlike all her sisters. And working out, isn't exactly on her daily to-do list (that's a first, don't you think?)

> She doesn't like fame. (Well, OK then)

Kylie Cosmetics has bought her the title of 'the youngest self-made billionare but it actually only takes her two hours to get ready!

> Most of her outfits are stolen from Kim and Kendall's closet.

> She rarely wears perfume (Whaaaaa)

What can I say, Kylie isn't as high-maintenance as I had thought she would turn out to be. Told ya, my findings are impressive.

P.S. She does not spend as much time perfecting her curves as the world does looking at them! Ha ha!


Please bear in mind that if you struggle to meet your goals, or fail to achieve them, it does not decrease your self-worth in any sense of the word. 

And if you already have those curves, then stand tall, with your head held high and your chin up, because despite the naysayers and the magazine covers, YOU ARE GORGEOUS.


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