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Does waist training flatten your stomach?

Does waist training flatten your stomach?

A trend for all the body-loving fashionistas, waist training helps you enhance your body appearance, giving you THE body goals.
It is undoubtedly a confidence-boosting product endorsed by celebrities like Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, the Kardashians, Amber Rose, Farrah Abraham, etc.
Like all trendy stuff, the concept of a waist trainer also has various confusions attached to it. Such as looking at your favorite celeb and wondering if you can get ALL of that through ONE garment?
Well, no, you can not.
There are only a few things you can attain through the use of a waist trainer. A flattened stomach may or may not be one of those. Let us explain.
 Waist training for hourglass shape: a truth.
Waist trainers typically come to train your waist only. Thus, helping you achieve an hourglass figure.
Other benefits such as losing weight are side effects that may or may not occur depending on multiple factors. Meaning, waist training, and weight loss do not necessarily go hand in hand.
Factually, the only necessary results that a waist trainer guarantees are an hourglass figure (slight, medium, sharp -- depending on consistency and methodology) and a cinched waist.
Have a look or share your waist training journey with other women to get an idea of how waist trainers work to give you an hourglass shape and/or flatten your tummy.
Waist training for weight loss is the best: a myth.
People often use waist training for weight loss, assuming it will turn out great. That's nothing but a mere myth.
Sometimes, people lose some weight, but that is only a result of excessive perspiration you experience when waist training. However, it does not primarily help in weight loss.
Other times, people tend to mix up waist training with exercise, assuming it will help in rapid weight loss. That is a big NO.
If you exercise while you wear the waist trainer, you risk your health. That is because the organs inside may be pushed, making it difficult to breathe. This leads us to our next point.
Flattened stomach: achievable?
To understand this better, assume you have a piece of modeling clay.
You press the modeling clay, and it gets forcibly pushed up or down. But, the volume remains the same unless you pinch the clay and take out a certain amount.
Similarly, a waist trainer pushes and adjusts the fats of your body to attain an hourglass figure. It does not get rid of the excess fats.
Therefore, you do not lose weight; you only get in shape. Belly flattening is a mix of weight loss and body-shaping.
Thus, it becomes very likely that you end up with a flattened tummy. However, some factors affect how much "flattening" there is.
If your genetics and body type have the potential, you are dedicated plus consistent to training your waist and have a healthy lifestyle; it is very much possible to attain a flattened stomach via waist trainers.
Alternate pathway to flatten your stomach
If you strongly desire to have a flattened stomach like the one you saw this girl from Instagram had, then you may want to go an extra mile.
Who knows if your body doesn't cooperate or if waist training doesn't help you get the results you wanted to have?
In that case, go through an alternative path: exercise. Time-taking, yes -- but 100% guaranteed results given the consistency? Yes!
As per this list, here are six ideal exercise types to attain a flat belly:
  • Side plank with twist
  • Heel grabber
  • Jackknife
  • Knee hugs
  • Triangle crunch 
  • Bicycle crunch


Final Verdict
To conclude all that we have said so far, the short and simple answer to whether waist training helps flatten your stomach is dependent on the factors mentioned above.
In case more questions arise in your mind as you finish this blog, you can always check out our blog!


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