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Waist Trainer: Does It Work and What You Need to Know

Waist Trainer: Does It Work and What You Need to Know


Waist trainers are meant to mold your midsection and “train” your figure to accentuate your waist, hips and bust.

The waist trainer trend is high as it gives immediate slimming result. And not to mention a lot of celebrities are using it like The Kardashians! But does it really work and safe to use?



What is a waist trainer?


Waist trainer is a shaping garment used to target the abdomen specifically. It usually shave an inch or two from your waistline while you are wearing it and is designed to provide a slimming effect underneath your clothes.


While results can be seen immediately, “training” requires wearing the garment frequently over a period of months.



What are benefits of wearing waist trainers?

Curve Sculpting Figure
The instant dramatic hourglass curves transformation of your waist can be impressive, and you can train your waist into maintaining that shape or go to size smaller when you're used to it.


Weight Loss
You may temporarily lose a small amount of weight wearing a waist trainer, due to loss of fluids through perspiration.

You may also eat less while wearing the waist trainer as your stomach is compressed.

Waist training works best with appropriate exercise and a balanced diet. It is also a great way to supplement the long-term slimming goals from your fitness routine.


Better Posture
Wearing a waist trainer may help to straighten and realign your back, and encourage good posture. If you wear it too much, though, it may weaken your core muscles, leading to back pain and poor posture.



When is it safe to wear a waist trainer?

You may wear a waist trainer during light exercise and as an undergarment.

For the best results, it is recommend wearing a waist trainer for at least eight hours a day, every day. By spending most of your waking hours in a waist trainer, you'll be practicing good posture, enjoying the benefits of a slimmer figure, and be more focused on your health and fitness goals.

Make sure that you feel comfortable while wearing it, if you have any discomfort please adjust the tightness and lower the amount of time you are using it.



What are other ways to shape your waist?

Balanced diet. Intake plenty of fresh produce, protein, fiber, whole and portion control food. Cut down on sugary or processed foods and beverages.


Regular exercise. Do a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training, such as lifting weights to strengthen your muscles and help you burn calories. A personal trainer can help create a workout routine to suit your needs.


Talk to a specialist. If you’re interested in changing specific parts of your body, talk to your doctor for the best course of action.


Bottom Line

It’s important to do a lot of research to be fully informed of what is the best waist trainer to use for your needs. For effective and healthy results, wear a waist trainer accompanied by balanced diet and regular exercise. There’s nothing wrong with setting goals for your body. But, it’s important to know that every body, in every shape, is beautiful and deserving of love and respect.


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