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Can you waist train on your period?

Can you waist train on your period?

If you have just started on your waist training journey and that time of the month is approaching fast, you might wonder if you should continue with waist training while your period lasts. Is it okay to keep your body under pressure during the most painful time of the month? Would that make your body grab swords and fight with itself, making you feel more miserable than ever?
But then, what if you lose all your progress? You wouldn't want to lose your hard-earned progress of training your waist to get a body better than the one Dexter's mom from Dexter's laboratory had, would you? It's scarier to have worsened period cramps and losing your months-long process to attaining your dream body than having ghost encounters, no?
Our answer to whether or not you can waist train during your menstrual cycle is, you can! However, keep a few things in mind.
The most obvious concern to register is how comfortable you will feel if you waist train on your period. For example, some women are extra sensitive and feel bloated. Consequently, they will find wearing a waist trainer during periods overly constrictive.
If you want to try waist training during your menstrual cycle, try wearing it one or two notches loose. Take note that waist training during your menstrual days, a change in comfort level is bound to occur. For this reason, you can experiment if wearing it for shorter periods helps you out. On the other hand, you can take it off at certain times of the day when you feel uncomfortable.
Appetite Shifts
During periods, there's also a shift in appetite. How you eat is directly proportional to how you feel, and you might end up feeling extra bloated. Thus, either avoid wearing a waist trainer or prefer loosening it up.
While on the other hand, you learn that wearing a waist trainer can help you curb your cravings during the menstrual cycle. In this case, you should prefer to wear it.

Benefits of waist training on your period

Yes, the most unexpected part of the narrative, there are benefits to this. For instance, if you get cramps, then the compression on your abdomen via the waist trainer can help subdue the pain.
For women who go through breast sensitivity and backaches during their periods, the waist trainer's additional support can help provide comfort.
Progress lost or not?
Now, to answer one of the most important questions, will you lose your progress if you choose not to do waist training during your menstrual cycle? Well, it shouldn't make a huge difference.
 When you are not wearing your waist trainer, you will not have the same posture as when you wear the garment. (Of course) You might also notice slightly higher waist measurements due to bloating during your periods. However, this does not mean that the waist trainer will not fit you correctly any longer.
A quick tip: If you want to practice waist training for a particular event, plan out accordingly, so you have more days after your periods and before the event to practice.
Let us sum up all that we've said so far.
You can always opt not to wear a waist trainer during your period, depending on what you feel is best. However, there is no harm in continuing waist training during your menstrual cycle. Instead, it may end up benefiting you.
All in all, deciding what's best for your body is your decision to make!


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